Back To The Basics


This assignment was called Back to the Basics. It was simply to take a photo and remove the color to make it look like it was stenciled. I used the app called picsart to do this editing to this photo. This photo represents my character Conway Adams and Stephen Weidman’s character James Black. They are under cover at a country wedding investigating a murder that occurred outside the city limits.

The original assignment can be found here and it is worth two stars.

2 thoughts on “Back To The Basics”

  1. I really like the photo editing that you applied to this picture. It really gave it a stenciled quality. I also enjoyed reading the background behind the picture about Conway and Stephen, as I could clearly see how the two men were attending a country wedding. The simplicity of the photo makes me want to know more about the murder! Great work!

  2. I really like this assignment! It’s very simple, but the background you gave the picture as it involves the characters makes it mean so much more. The black and white makes it seem noir, and reading that these characters are undercover gives it a storyline. Great job!

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