Usher Slow Mo

One of the assignments that I chose was to do a slow motion version of a song. I picked the song by User called climax. I thought this was appropriate because of the already drug out lyrics. I used audacity to slow the song way down turning it into a 6 minute song. I then had to change the pitch because the words were hard to hear. It is now a high pitched slow version of Usher. This assignments was extremely entertaining and to be honest this song should be on the radio. The original assignment can be found here. This assignment is worth 3 stars.

5 thoughts on “Usher Slow Mo”

  1. Tyler this is dope son! I tried to do this assignment before but I couldn’t figure out how to slow the audio down in audacity. Apparently you’re smarter than I am! Love the song choice. I might have to put this on my ipod for real though.

  2. This is awesome. Slowing it down 800 percent gives you that heavy ethereal feel, but much of the song itself is lost. This is a totally different sort of thing. If you download that paulstretch program in the assignment description, you’d be able to stretch it without changing the pitch. That could be interesting too.

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