Case Closed….Week Closed


These past two weeks have definitely been a thriller for James Black and I. We have been all over the place with the evidence that we were given. We have never had a case so tricky with so many puzzles and games being played on us. It started off telling us to drive safe and gave us a map so we figured it had to of been somewhere far away. After following all of our leads and map we came up with the idea that maybe we weren’t supposed to drive at all…. So we headed back to the crime scene and sure enough someone had played a huge joke on us. But we did not panic the entire case and we busted this thing in the end. There isn’t much that can get By James Black and Conway Adams. If you ever, I mean ever need anything solved you call us!! We will get the damn job done.

Here is an overview of our entire case and agency. Just click here and you can see it all.

To see the individual processes of our case click on these links.

First Case

Clue Clue Clue

Conways overview


Drive Safe

Back to the CC

Found The Damn Thing


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Now that this case is over, I am going to spend some quality time with my family for once. My cousin, Tyler Daig was at a Capital Athletic Baseball Conference Tournament all week, so I have a lot of catching up to do with him. I hope that yall enjoyed our story and can see our hard work. Keep our agency in mind.

Conway Out


So, James Black and I are still working hard on this case. we are trying to figure out the best way to convey our findings to you, the audience. But don’t doubt us, we are very good at what we do! We have been following this map that was left for us and it is leading us to places we never imagined!

We should have some good leads that we will discuss with yall tomorrow. Until then we will leave everything discrete until we are for sure about what is going on. Dont worry Jim, we will get to the bottom of this.

Status Update

Howdy, yall. I am not going to lie, James Black and I were a little confused at first on this investigation. It is definitely something extremely new to our line of work, but we will not panic what so ever. We have watched our briefing countless times to look for evidence. We our in the middle of putting all of the pieces together so that we can get a jump on this investigation. This case is rather tricky, with the clues and notes being left behind. we arent working with much information. We are really going to have pull our minds together. We have briefed our audience on what our case is with some audio and visual ideas. Stay Tuned!!!

If you need to know where our agency is located or if you need help with anything, here is our link.


Week Done: Check

This week James Black and I started to create our agency. This is going pretty well as we try to work on it when we arent fighting crime! Our agency can be found here. I hope that yall enjoy it as we steadily get it up and going.

This week we had to do ten stars of assignments. Five of these stars had to be web assignments. These web assignments were not my favorite by far!!

My first web assignment was a resume of myself (Conway Adams). I havent had to do one of these in years, as I joined the force right out of highschool. My resume can be found here. 

The second web assignment that I did was tell the story of how James’ and mine relationship started. It is a real simple story that ignited to a great partnership. This can be found here. 

Next, I did a visual assignment called make your own spuddle. I took a picture of my good friend, Tyler Daig at a wedding. The face he was making was because he had to give a speech but I gave it a little spin.



The last assignmnet that I did was a three frame love story. I took three pictures and put them together showing Tylers love for baseball. This was really fun!!

So beautiful and elegant waiting for someone to come sweep you up. The way you shine in the lights is

I was just a youngster when I first laid my eyes on you. It was truly love at first sight.



Still to this day, my love for you is irreplaceable. I do not know where I would be without you in my life.




Lastly, I commented on ten great blogs.

This week was a busy one in my day life, so Im glad this DS106 thing took it easy on me. Im out!

-Conway Adams

Love: In Three Frames

So beautiful and elegant waiting for someone to come sweep you up. The way you shine in the lights is

I was just a youngster when I first laid my eyes on you. It was truly love at first sight.



Still to this day, my love for you is irreplaceable. I do not know where I would be without you in my life.





This assignment was to create a love story in three frames. I chose to show my love for baseball in this assignment. The original assignment can be found here and it is worth 3 stars.

Conways Resume

For one of this weeks assignments, I created a resume for Conway Adams. I used a simple Microsoft word template and it was easy to do. It was a lot of fun creating a fake life for my character. This assignment was worth 3 stars and can be found here.


}Conway Adams

303 Montgomery Lane

Phone: 1800 get bcop






I strive to get every bad cop off of the force.


High School Diploma (June 2009)

}  Honor Roll

}  Varsity Baseball

}  Team Captain

}  Class President



Farm Hand (June 2000 – August 2012

Harrison Dairy Farm (

·         Tractor and machinery operator

–          Approximately 1000 hours of operating time

–          Machines consisted of New Holland 4×4, 2×4, open and closed cab tractors, skid-steer loaders, front end loaders, backhoes, dump trucks, and older model Ford and Farmall farm tractors.

–          Attachments operated consisted of 16 foot batwing bush hog, hay rake, hay tedder, square bale loader, 3 point hitch hay bale spear, and skid-steer loader bucket and hay bale spear.

–          Clean, wash, repair, and grease machinery weekly

–          Performed preventative maintenance checks and services and repairs on tractors and attachments in the field and shop

·         Mow large fields and pastures

·         Care for cattle- vaccinate, birth, feed, and tag

·         Manure removal

·         Operated chainsaws, log slitters, and trimmers during tree removal and trimming operations

·         Minor equipment mechanical issues solver

·         Hay and straw mover and loader

·         Build and fix fences

·         Minor plumbing skills

Use of carpentry skills for corrals, feeders, and fences


·         Leadership

·         Physical Ability

·         Telecommunication skills

·         Problem Solving

·         Machinery operations

·         Dexterous

·         Military agility



How it all began

So the story of James Black and I is pretty simple. We kind of just fell into our friendship. We were both out on the streets one night fighting crimes when it happened. I was chasing this criminal who had just robbed a convenience store. It was about a five minute footrace through dark alleys of the city. He turned on corner and I thought I lost him. But to my surprise, as I came around the corner he was lying on the ground with this big SOB standing over top of him. This man was James Black. He had been listening to the chance over the scanner and decided to cut off the guy. From this day on we became partners in fighting crime and bad cops.


The original assignment can be found here and is worth 2 stars

Week Ten….Lots of “FUN”

This week was pretty cool to say the least. We had to pretty much do everything as if we were our characters. Like I said numerous times, I really enjoy acting as if I were my character. It gives me sort of a little relief as I’m doing my work. I also find my self laughing my butt off as I re watch what the heck I just video taped my self doing.

To start of the week I conducted my interview. My interview was with Jim Groom. I took roughly 8 of his questions, split them up, and then mixed them with my answers as if it was a real interview. As I conducted the interview I was acting as if I was my character, Conway Adams. This was rather simple as I have gotten used to using video editing software. It was extremely fun to answer these questions as my character, because I simply don’t really care and cant get embarrassed. This assignment can be found here.

Next we had to do some video assignments. One of the video assignments that I did was to create a video describing what you like. I made one describing what Conway likes as he has free time. It consisting all of personal photos that really fell well into the character. This assignment can be found here.

This week we had to determine whether or not we were working on groups for the next few weeks of class or not. I am proud to say that I will be working with Stephen Wiedman and his character James Black. My announcement can be found here. 

Next, this week we had three daily creates to do. They were pretty simple and they all reside below….

Finger Print art








Inspiration Poster



15 Second Batman

As the clock gets close to midnight, I would like to say, its been one hell of a week, fellas. Between grinding out there late at night catching bad cops, and doing all these assignments…I am whooped. I am about 8 Bud lights into the night and I had about enough of these internets. This week has been fun letting yall get to know me and what not but I have got to hit the hay( as deddy always used to say). So long yall!!


Oh ya… I also commented on ten wonderful posts!!